General Exercise

Exercise for your pet is one of the most important aspects of their stay with us. We will always discuss your specific requirements and do our upmost to carry out your requirements in particular where the pet may have medical issues.

We have found that plenty of exercise and good company make for a happy holiday and with this in mind we have three large exercise areas directly attached to the kennels so that we can allow your pet exercise with a buddy in a safe environment up to twelve times daily ensuring that they are fit and happy while with us.

Two of the areas are based on a small round pebble surface which we can use in all weathers and the third is on grass. Linked directly to the kennels your pet can access them without us even using a lead and give your pet great opportunity to let off a bit of steam.


Most dogs get on well with their four legged brothers and sisters. For the odd one that does not we will arrange other forms of play. With your permission and having gotten to know your pet we try to match up your pet as soon as possible with a BUDDY.

With our years of experience taking into account size, personality and generally male with female your pet will have a soul mate to romp around with for the duration of their stay and we generally kennel them next to each other so that no time is wasted getting out for a play together.

For oldies that need calm and quiet this will be arranged as well. Please feel free to talk to us about any of the above that might not suit your pet.