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Best Kennels and Cattery has come from my dream for many years to provide excellent boarding for pets when their owners are on holiday or ill or need to travel for any other reason. We have been involved with animals all of our life. Currently we are the owners of six dogs, two cats, a small flock of sheep and a dozen or so chickens. We have a really good understanding of your pet’s requirements when you are not around.

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Declan & Bonnie




Our Dogs Ireland

"Well it is that time of the year again. The IKC Top Show Dog Gala Dinner where the top dogs across the year get recognised and Crufts is just around the corner. As in previous years the IKC top winning Agility dogs are invited to participate in a parade during the evening ceremonies. The IKC 2012 Top Agility Dog Winners are: Large Dog Declan Dolan and ‘Bonnie’ (working sheepdog); Medium Dog (Joint) Cheryl Harkness and ‘Toastie’ (working Cocker Spaniel) and Sarah Glass and ‘Jess’ (crossbreed). Small Dog Cheryl Harkness and ‘Fidget’ (Swedish Valhund). Congratulations to all winners. Lovely to see a new face lining up . I was wondering what to write about the winners and I was thinking who knows the dogs best but their handlers so I asked Declan and Sarah to write abit about their own special four-legged friend.

Top Large Agility Dog Winner - Declan Dolan and ‘Bonnie’ ‘Bonnie’ is now just gone 10 years and looking like a youngster. Declan is just a little older but still looking great (according to Declan). What a year it has been for this well respected team. Declan reflects on the past year and more …..

‘Bonnie’ has been such a wonderful dog. Owen Fleetwood said many years ago that she had been responsible for bringing Agility to a new level in Ireland and by now I would absolutely agree. ‘Bonnie’ and I have had so many firsts. The first dog from Southern Ireland to win an English ticket. The first dog to represent Ireland four times at Internationals at Crufts. The first Southern dog to win the Winter League Agility and many more firsts including a first in a class of 250 in England on her first visit there. She has become a real favourite to watch for spectators all over Ireland and the UK and a great favourite of our friends who act as ring party at Crufts for her outings there with Graham Partridge the well-known MC at Crufts telling the 9000 spectators on numerous occasions to pay special attention to this dog who comes from the Best Kennels in Ireland. In 2011 I decided that I owed ‘Bonnie’ a very serious thank you for all the things I owed her. The rosettes and glassware all have their place but the biggest debt is for the friends she has allowed Mary and I to make through this great sport, people all over Ireland both South and North. Young fellas from the north like Pat Farson and young ones from England like Lesley Olden. Even middlin ones from Scotland like Tom and Margaret Quinn and a good looking lassie from Sweden called Jenny Damm (eat your heart out John Ward). To thank ‘Bonnie’ properly I decided in 2011 to retire her in 2013. My goals then openly stated that I wanted to (1) win the Winter League Agility in 2012. This was for two reasons. Firstly it had never been won by a Southern team but more importantly because of the respect we have for this event that is now running for 15 years and is a breeding ground for great agility and a great place to make friends. We were lucky enough to romp home with ONE point to spare (Phew!). Watch out veterans next year. (2) win the Irish dog of the year. This was only for one reason...I wanted to beat everyone else! Joking aside, this was our fourth time to win this and I wanted to bring ‘Bonnie’ back to Crufts for a proper retirement party. Competition was stiff at the start but obviously ‘Bonnie’ heard about the party and gave us many great runs during the season. The big bonus came with our second Championship win. Casual as I was about this, as it wasn’t on our Goal list it got very serious when we qualified to run last in the final. A spectacular run by Liam O’Brien and ‘Peggy’ which I reckoned was unbeatable put the hair standing on the back of my neck. ‘Bonnie’ however had other ideas and decided to really retire in style winning against great competion on the day. So as we prepare for the party in Crufts in March we both know that we have nothing to prove. We have done it all and we are going to have a ball. ‘Bonnie’ loves the crowds and the big event. She deserves the best. I truly believe that ‘Bonnie’ is the best Agility Dog in Ireland ever. The firsts she has achieved can never be achieved again. Thanks ‘Bonnie’."